How to sell through merch-O-matic

So how does it work......?

Quite simple really.  There are four main steps:

  • Step 1.   Not at step as such, but you need to be in a position to give consent for the use of your logo's/branding*   (Got no artwork? don't worry we can help)
  • Step 2. Pick your products! Nobody knows your customers better than you. We specialise in clothing and vinyl graphics, but anything is possible with a little bit if imagination.  If in doubt just ask!
  • Step 3. Agree pricing.  This is important because as part of our service we can pay sales commission to your nominated beneficiary. Yep that's right, there is such a thing as a free lunch!  We'll provide a price based upon product spec' and complexity.  Anything over and above this is up to you.
  • Step 4.  Promote your products!!!  If you have a special event coming up please make sure to promote as early on as possible so we can get your orders out well in advance.

From this point on its all down to us. 

You can kick back and let merch-o-matic take the strain.  We take care of everything, design, production, packing and shipping.  No minimum order quantities as everything is produced 'on demand'. So no risk of being stuck with out of date merchandise that won't sell. Got ideas for new products? Hit us up and we'll add them to your dedicated store space.

From all at merch-O-matic.  "We look forward to hearing from you!"